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Find your essence, through keywords, positive patterns and/or runes.

-What does Trembling Light mean? It means "Vibrant light," it is the first name they gave me in the "inipi" (sweat hut), when I was initiated as "Woman Medicine" with the Native American teacher Dancing Thunder.

-How do I know what essence to take? Through vibrations, every essence has a similarity with each of us and with the stage of the process in which we are. You can test it with kinesiology, dowsing, holo, machines: Mora, Quantum, etc., or just let yourself go and feel them. You can read the information about each essence in the brochure, and the formulas or on this web through the keywords, so that you can choose. In any case, there are specialized therapists, as we have already mentioned, among them floral therapists, who can help you with it.

- How many drops should I take and how often? Usually, 3 to 5 drops twice a day, directly from the mother tincture; do not ingest before going to bed, (except those that help to sleep), because of their high energy power.

- How long will it take to notice its effects? One of the peculiarities (advantages) of these essences is that their effect is immediate. They do not make you feel "sick" and they act even in spite of oneself, although we do not believe in their effectiveness.

- Can Trembling Light Elixirs Replace Medications? Never. It is not recommended in any case to replace one treatment by another, they can co-exist perfectly, because it is vibrational energy and it has no effect that could cancel the one of the medicines, we are working on energy fields that affect the physical. We would never advise to replace medications by essences.

- Are there contraindications? In principle, there are no contraindications, since they are not medicines, but only vibrational energy. For hypersensitive people it is always recommended to start with lower doses. For children, elderly people or animals, it is also always recommended to use very low doses, diluted in water. For people who are hypersensitive to alcohol, or have had problems with alcohol in their past, it is also better to use them diluted in water.

We always advise you to follow the GUIDANCE OF THE THERAPIST who recommended them.

- Can I get essences diluted in water, without any alcohol? Yes, only on request.

 - Where can I get them? There are several establishments where you can buy them, also through the web pages that we give you in the section "buy my essence", or by contacting any of the people who are responsible for the distribution in your area.

 - What is the function of the Trembling Light Essences? The floral essences help us to live in harmony all the processes that we are dealing with. When they were born from the hands of Dr. Bach, their initial function was to deal with emotional processes; they have been progressing, and the vibration of the floral essences that are created on the planet is getting higher and higher. Without doubt, if we harmonize all the parts of ourselves, we will harmonize the physical as well. Their action on the body balances the lack of harmony of any emotion or pattern of behaviour that is hurting us.


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