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Find your essence through the runes. Look at the explanation below on this page !!

Nauthiz   Fehu   Hagalaz   Berkana   Othila   Inguz   Ehwaz   Laguz   Jera   Sowelu   Teiwaz   Eihwaz   Algiz   Kano   Ansuz   Pertz   Uruz   Wunjo   Manhaz   Raido   Isa   Dagaz   Thurisaz  
Runa en blanco   Gebo  


The runes are intimately linked to the Trembling Light Essences since their appearance. They are symbols that belong to our Ancestral culture and to our Inheritance.

Not a long time ago, we realized with a friend and collaborator, therapist and rune specialist that "by chance" the basic Trembling Light Essences were 25, just as the 25 runes of the Scandinavian tradition.

That element showed us that there was indeed a clear correspondence between the qualities of the TLE and those of the runes, in order to guide us, to a greater therapeutic work, opening a new way of testing or instruction, to know what is the right essence for the present moment.

On the logo of the Trembling Light Essences there is a rune and a pen, these two elements have been linked for centuries in our genetic memory. The inhabitants of the northern European countries from the century VIII, incorporated to our culture as much of these symbols as totems or power animals as the native American people, with whom they were friends and shared different characteristics and cultural and spiritual elements. This union served to improve the Knowledge and Wisdom whose legacy has reached our days.

                                                  O HEI O!

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Descarga nuestro folletoDescarga nuestro folleto

Correspondence between the Runes and Trembling Light Essences

Lágrimas del Bosque

Lágrimas del Bosque: Nauthiz

This rune means... Pain, need to feel understood and loved. External constraints. Feeling helpless. Change your interior and your exterior will change.

Tears of the Woods helps to clean and harmonize arguments and resentments. Against the addiction to sadness and suffering, to release the past, attachments and resentment. Essential in cases of mourning and/ or loss.

Madre Tierra: Fehu

This rune means... Abundance. Rune associated with gains and material goods and / or Divine. Share the good luck. Promises support and encouragement from the most mundane to the most Divine.

Mother Earth being connected to the first two chakras, this essence helps us to develop the material achievements related to our projects, enabling them to be grounded to reveal themselves. It regulates physical and mental frequency changes.

Merlín de San Juan: Hagalaz

This rune means... Awakening from lethargy, free yourself from identification with material reality and experience new things. Need to connect with yourself and try to get to know you. Shock.

Merlín of San Juan this essence has the ability to activate the Gift or personal Gifts. It connects you with your inner Wisdom, helps you to see things as they are, to find yourself and to know what you have come to do. Adolescents with identity problems.

Dama del Món: Berkana

This rune means... Growth. Rebirth. Delve into yourself without fooling yourself. Beats resistances and cleans the darkness for clarity, in a soft and penetrating action. Associated with uterus and flowering.

Lady of the world releases anger, irritation and helplessness both accumulated since childhood or present, due to neglect, abuse, powerlessness etc. It helps us to cut energy strings that constrain us, providing Light in the darkness. Harmony and balance in old age.

Manto Azul: Othila

This rune means... Slough off, change relationships, break the old, genetic cleansing (family constellations). It unites the Spirit of the ancestors with the descendants, and the past to the future. Work of renunciation and detachment to inherit the new and grow both materially and spiritually.

Blue cloak breaks the old structures so that flows the energy of the change you have to make, even when you do not even know that you have the possibility to achieve it. To overcome internal resistance and self-deception.

Hada Rosa: Inguz

This rune means... Harmony. Balance. Connection with the intuitive part. New starts. Everything grows (fertility). Harmony in relationships. Getting out of a bad mood favourably. See the funny side of things.

Pink fairy improves relationships, especially for couples. Opens the gates to Happiness, to being happy and to connect with the vibration of Love. It helps to assimilate emotional processes from the past and to regain lost love.

Getsemaní: Ehwaz

This rune means... Movement, progress. Changes to improve all kinds of situations. Overcome fear, guilt and leave behind the pain to face the future. Allow the old to die in order to make room for the new.

Gethsemane expels the pain and guilt accumulated in the heart. Creating a protective barrier so that the pain and the sadness do not settle again. In case of loss of a loved one for any reason: death, separation, abandonment ...

Morgana del Sol: Laguz

This rune means... Female rune. Rune of intuition. Let everything flow, let yourself be guided by your original Self. Harmonize with your own rhythms. Desire of well-being and satisfaction of emotional, spiritual needs. Sacred Marriage for relationships and for relationship with oneself.

Sun Morgana connects with the Feminine Power in both Woman and Man, joining it with masculine energy it balances both energies and flourishes the inner harmony. It is very effective to deal with emotional issues and to break dependencies.

Luz Celestial:  Jera

This rune means... Good results. Harvest. Patience, the seed will germinate. Perseverance. Promise of success since prevails the feeling of being in the hands of Providence.

Celestial Light gives us the perseverance we need to reach the final goal when we feel exhausted by the effort. Releaves sleep problems caused by mental hyperactivity. Useful to children with personality problems or hyperactive.

San Miguel de Garabandal: Sowelu
This rune means... Vital Forces of the Sun, of Nature. Your heart is always there no matter what happens. Acquire the strength to do the right thing. For the Spiritual Warrior, be cautious and even know when to go off in order to win.

Saint Miguel of Garabandal resolves unjust situations and helps to lose the fear of being attacked, giving us humility to accept help and letting us truly love. Very protective essence. Immediate help.

Mastiki I: Teiwaz

This rune means... The Warrior. Masculine energy. Do the right action to get rid of everything that gets in the way. Perseverance in causes or ideas, with patience. In relationships, feel opening and gratitude. Total confidence. It is the sword that separates and cuts the dead in order to give Life.

Mastiki I it gives you the strength to get out of situations in which you feel absolutely trapped and that normally generate stress and anxiety, rescuing you from indecision and helplessness. Recommended for the loss of appetite or sexual desire. Irritability, nervousness.

Fe Dorada:  Eihwaz

This rune means... Check everything and be patient, new roots are needed. The Tree of Life. Waiting period, delays are beneficial. Decide rather than act because the disadvantages stimulate growth. Create aversion to stressful behaviours.

Golden Faith dispels fears accumulated in the mitochondrial DNA, fears that lead us to act with negative and automatic reactions that are not really ours. Problems with the father and the masculine. To learn to say No when necessary.

Bendición de Fuego: Algiz

This rune means... Gives protection and victory, represents an enclosure protected by the gods. Teaches not to carry so many burdens. Know that you are protected from any attack. Control your feelings. The pure heart will be protected by the higher Energies.

Blessing of fire provides a magnificent "aural armor" by freeing the body and the ethereal field from energy contamination. Essential for the expulsion of internal and external negative energy. To take root, anchor to the earth and concrete projects.

Claridad: Kano

This rune means... Opening and clarity. Open your heart and expand your mind and everything will be given to you. Concentration, changes events. Work and relationships. Freedom to give and receive without conditions.

Clarity confers serenity, understanding and mental clarity for the moments of changes in internal and / or external processes and the decision making that they imply. Concentration for studies and exams. For overly mental people.

Draco: Ansuz

This rune means... Messenger rune. Inner Wisdom. Ancestral wisdom that allows you to get messages both internally and externally. Wisdom of the elders that get us closer to the connection with the divine. Explore the foundations, the depths of life.

Draco activator of Ancestral Memories and access to Akashic Records. Improves the display capacity. Excellent guide for Man in the New Age. It gives strength, security, protection and Wisdom.

Sonido Angélico: Pertz

This rune means... Pertz is the rune of the search associated with the Eagle´s flight, observes everything from above with a wide perspective. Go through the veil to see what is hidden behind it. It represents an intense aspect of initiation, psychic death. Renewal of the spirit.

Angelic sound this essence is highly recommended to raise the conscience in any type of Initiation, spiritual works, of growth, personal, shamanic, Reiki, etc ... Absolute inalterability facing the adverse circumstances. Opinions of others shall not affect us nor determine us.

Mastiki II: Uruz

This rune means... What you have lived up to now must change and you must take the reins. Vitality, courage, strength. Perseverance to overcome resistances to change, cut emotional bonds and reorient your energy towards your goals. Even if it seems that everything is against you, make an effort to achieve your dream or your goal in Life.

Mastiki II to close for good periods of the Past and thus be able to completely focus on new projects and the Purpose of Life. Essential before starting a new relationship or a job. Intolerance to noise.

Despertar de Vida: Wunjo

This rune means... It points out that the difficult period is over. The change has already occurred, implies a previous period of preparation and adjustments to get to it. You can receive the fruits already, the joy comes with a new energy previously blocked. Releases attachments to be able to take off.

Awakening of Life cleanses the emotions of the solar plexus that, despite having worked on it, have remained stagnant and their energy residues have prevented us from assimilating them. Stabilizes the solar plexus chakra. Returns the laughter to our life.


Báculo de la Verdad: Manhaz

This rune means... The Rune Manhaz marks a time of great growth, shows that the truth you are looking for is in yourself. This will produce the clear vision that will allow you to produce effective changes in your life. It urges you to discover what you really think and desire. So that your thoughts and your dreams come true, you must first find your inner truth. See who you are in the mirror.

Stick of Truth connects us with our internal Truth, eliminating the doubts and obstacles that prevent us from seeing clearly the way forward and what we really want. Acts quickly in unjust and humiliating situations.

Fuente de la Ondina: Raido
This rune means... Raido deals with the transit of the spirit towards its goals through personal evolution and renewal of your abilities. It indicates a great inner journey towards the discovery of oneself and the harmonization of internal communication. Balancing Rune.

The source of the Ondine through her, we will recover the Power that has been snatched away from us, or that we have transferred or lost in this or other lives, and the ability to be able to fully attain this power. Empowers and awakens Creativity. It is particularly useful for increasing the effectiveness of other essences.

Amor Crístico: Isa

This rune means... It is the moment of stillness, of entering into silence and having patience waiting for the way to be clarified. With love and dedication you can get out of that state in which it seems that you are not progressing spiritually.

Christ's Love for people who have spent time looking for their spiritual or vocational path, this essence helps them to find the path of personal fulfillment and their true vocation. To find the inner Silence.

Transformación: Dagaz

This rune means... Dagaz announces a change or an important progress in a process of absolute personal transformation, always arriving at the right time the appropriate result is guaranteed, although we cannot see it beforehand. So when the time comes to recognize and change, it transforms forever the course of that life.

Transformation be aware of the change that has already been made and leave the chrysalis, healing our inner child to raise our self-esteem. Eliminates self-sabotages so we can grow emotionally. Peter Pan Complex.

Presencia: Thurisaz

This rune means... When this rune comes to us it is a sign that we are prepared to get in touch with the Divine, it is a gateway to non-action, to let things happen. Together with the self-observation of the present moment we get rid of the past and recover our Power.

Presence as its name implies, Presence places you immediately in the Present, in the Here and Now, and in doing so, the Fears disappear, as they are only memories of the past projected into the future. Ideal to dispel a bad mood.

Unidad: Runa en blanco

This rune means... Destiny. The Father wants it. Extracting this rune brings out our deepest fears, yet it is the rune of absolute Confidence and Faith that we are not alone and that through our own evolution we will progress in all Life´s different aspects.

Unity dissolves feelings of loneliness and abandonment when we connect with the All. It is an essence of Great protection, if you are in the Oneness of Being, nothing can harm you. Security in one's self and in our destiny. Useful in cases of adoption.

Libertad: Gebo

This rune means... A true partnership is only available to independent and whole beings who keep their independence even after having voluntarily united. In all kinds of emotional relationships, professionals, etc., the highest gift awarded by this rune is Freedom, from which all the other Gifts come.

Freedom through this Essence we are going to let go of the bonds of any kind, relationships, work, attachments ... It gives us the strength that we need to carry out the Change. To free yourself from the power of the mind and reach the heart.



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