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Mimón Trembling  creadora de Trembling Light Essences


Món Trembling
Flower therapist and Practitioner of different disciplines like Bach flower remedies, Australian Bush Flowers (initiated directly by Ian White) and creator of the new line of flower essences called Trembling Light, produced in Spain, as adaptogens for the Energy of Awakening Consciousness and Change.

Kinesiologist. Graduated by J.A. Pascuas (SENDA method).

Specialized in classes of Holistic Dowsing and Cosmo-Genetic Deprogramming through applied Dowsing.

Emotional pet therapist (floral essences and veterinary homeopathy).

Reiki Therapist.

Pranic Healing Therapist (Advanced Pranic Therapy) and Crystal Therapist.

Specialized in Psychological Astrology after several years of studies with Inma Fernández ( Athena Circle).

Numerologist. Tantric Numerology with Maria Lapuente (Krishna).

Adoptive daughter of the Susquahannock tribeand Medicine Womanof the mentioned line in Spain. Healing and initiations through the drum.

Connection with the "Totems"or Animals of Power through the shaman drum and the Medicine Wheel.

Baptisms and Ceremonies with Mother Earth.

Specialized in Orthomolecular Medicine and Phytotherapy.

German Homeopathy Studies with Johan Boss.

Law Studies at the University of Barcelona.

Biology studies at the University Autónoma of Barcelona.

Journalism Studies at the University Autónoma of Barcelona.

Specialized in Film Dubbing settings.

Creator and director of the Full Time company dedicated to audiovisual, musical and pictorial culture.


Several people helped me to channel my creativity to create these healing essences. Perhaps the first one was J.A. Pascuas, my holistic kinesiology teacher for three years and now also a good friend of mine. He sowed the seed by giving me the idea to create an essence, discovering my potential. Years before someone told me that I would heal with special waters made by myself, this woman also sowed a seed.

Around the year 2002, Ian White, the creator of the Australian Bush essences, taught me how to make floral essences, to connect with the Devas of the plants and to collect the right information on the use of the plant in question.

Finally, it was Dancing Thunder, Native American teacher, chief and shaman of the Susquahannock tribe, who modeled with his teachings and practices, during these last years, into the Woman Medicine that is in me and whose name is Trembling Light, and that dedicates one of her facets to the creation and formulation of the essences that bear her name. Dancing helped me to connect with the guidance of our ancestors and our totems (allied animals) to know how to find the path that takes me each time to the Spirit of the plant that will later give us its Medicine.

I thank everybody, the Great Spirit, God and Mother Earth for teaching me how to use their gifts. Oheio"

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