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Mimont Sancho Pineda - creadora de Trembling Light essences





Interview with the creator of the Trembling Light Essences

1.- Could we define the Trembling Light as "the Essences that act directly on the soul"? Yes, because of their high vibrational level and the planetary moment we are living in, in which the Human Being is connecting with its essence, often called "the Soul", or "Being." We could define them as "The essences that act directly in the soul"; because their action affects the depths of our essence, working gradually in the different bodies or energy levels, as if they were a house of cards, and when playing the first card, all the others fall successively until reaching the final one quickly, that in this comparison would be the physical body.


 2.- What´s the attitude of a person when looking for a floral essence? I can not answer this question, because I do not really remember how I got there the first day. I ended up in the middle of the forest making an essence, although I was told that one day I would make some beneficial waters.

I know that my path began precisely with the connection to nature and with totems, etc., thanks to the native American teacher Dancing Thunder, who taught us how to connect with the earth, with nature and with everything that is part of it, to feel it, to vibrate it, to see the energy and the soul in everything, to feel and listen to a flower, a plant, a rock and an animal. He taught us how to find that power again, which is a gift that we all have.

» Everything is the result of having crossed a road, and when you walk that path and take the steps correctly, you will get where the Universe wants you to. «


3.- Does nature have a healing vibration? Yes, in fact, since the beginning of time, plants have been used to help us, and there have been beings, especially women, but also men, who have connected with feminine energy, with the healing energy of the Earth, which manifests itself through its plants, its fruits, its flowers and its roots; and with greater force in certain places where this energy is enhanced.

Most medicines are nothing more than chemical syntheses of many of these plants. Nature heals us and feeds us. If we can absorb the vitamins and minerals it is through the plants and their fruits, the Sun, the Water and the Earth. Nature has a great healing ability.

It is an evolutionary process, in principle plants have been used as food and to heal the body. Dr. Bach was the first to receive the call of plants and flowers to heal deeper levels of our energy bodies, from his hand were born the floral essences that have evolved since then.


4.- I am sure that you have been asked already why there are animals on the Trembling image. Yes, sometimes. Although today many people already know what totems or power animals are.
Here, the ones that appear on the TLE image are the ones that accompany and watch over the essences.
Cuatro de ellos son también mis tótems personales.
Four of them are also my personal totems.
On this web there is an article that I wrote a long time ago for the Floral Therapists magazine, entitled "Animals of Power" and that explains quite well what totems mean and what function they have in our life.

It is something simple that we need to demystify and understand in its true context. Each animal represents certain qualities or characteristics intrinsic to the human being and are in charge of preserving the purity of the authentic memory of those qualities, to help us remember that they also belong to us.

5.- You are a Woman Medicine. Is it the same as Chamana? It has some similarities concerning its link to the Earth, however no, it is not the same.
Being Man or Woman Medicine implies being responsible for the Heaven and Earth connection, let both reveal through you without interfering or manipulating energy. You are only at the Service of something greater than yourself and act with the Father´s permission and the Mother's support.


 6.-What is special about Spanish essences and particularly the place where they have been found? Actually, one of the people who taught me was Ian White, the creator of the Australian essences "Bush Essences". With him I learned how to use the system that Dr. Bach transmitted to us and to connect, to collect his information, with the "Devas" and with Nature beings.

For example, macrobiotics are about the benefits of consuming food of the time and place where you live. In the same way, the essences made with the energy of the plants that grow where you live can help you.

In particular, the main reason why the Trembling Light essences were created here is that the centre of the planetary change, the Awakening of Consciousness, revealed itself in northern Spain and more specifically in Catalonia. This has helped to collect these essences, not only for those who live here but for all humanity; since the Awakening wave has the same characteristics for all of us.


7.- According to what symptoms, situations or concerns is it recommended to take the essences? I would say that everyone should take essences. Specifically, the Trembling Light Essences are a tool for anyone who has spiritual troubles, who needs to connect with the Awakening of the Human Being. It is also recommended for people with blocks that prevent them from getting rid of some emotional patterns that stop their lives from evolving as they want to, even if they have been trying for a long time to change it, but also for people who have fears and blocks that threaten their existence.


8.- How do I know which "Trembling Light" essence is right for me? I always say that the best thing to do is to go to a floral therapist, or a naturopath, homeopath, kinesiologist, osteopath ... essences do not work with a single healing discipline, but they are used in various ones, such as those which affect our physical, our energy, our vibrations or our feelings. They act as a bridge between the physical and the soul.

There are also very sensitive people who can connect through information or images, as they know how to listen to their soul and body, by accepting what they need. So you can also find the essence that you really need, by listening to what echoes in yourself.


9.- Can I take more than one at a time? There is something odd about the Trembling Light essences, they are quite "unicist", what I mean is that they are not usually taken diluted, but in mother tincture, which is how they are available in specialized establishments. Usually you take one, and in some cases two, one that would act at a conscious level and another one at an unconscious level accompanying the process. It depends on the moment of the evolutionary path of each person.

We have to learn how to balance and to evolve without hurry but without breaks, since our best option is that we work with a specific aspect of ourself, that we heal it and then take care of another one. Usually you can take one or two essences at the most, in case of dilutions in water, it depends on the therapist's advice; because here we are talking about different energies.

Trembling Light Essences


10.- Can you tell us what was the last essence you made and what are its characteristics? The last essence I made belongs to the so-called "Gates", which form a new family in the TLE; I can tell you that it is called the Gate of Happiness and that it is precisely an essence against the addiction to pain and suffering. Everyone should take it, everyone. It is so powerful that you have to ingest it in very small doses.

We have to stop the secretion of a series of substances, neurotransmitters and hormones, etc. that lead us to believe that we need pain to exist.


11.- What is the creative process of the essences like and what do you think about its future? The creative process has to be experienced, if you don´t live it you can´t understand it, I experienced it for the first time with Ian White even if I knew how Dr. Bach practiced it ... Yes I can tell you that in the creative process of the Trembling Light Essences there is a Mystical Energy in addition to the Earth power, I´m telling you this because I was always guided to the places, the moments, the days where "by chance" I found hermitages, churches, megalithic sites, etc ... , where we elaborate these elixirs, reminding us that they are symbols of our connection with the Divine.

The future is in God´s hands, ours and the one of all; we write our future in each second of the present if we are in the here and now, truly in harmony with ourselves, using our soul as the vehicle of our being and driving that vehicle.

Therefore I can not say what is the future of the essences like. As long as they are useful and help us to feel better about ourselves, they will continue to exist. God willing.

12.- List three reasons why someone should get to know the Trembling Light Essences. Love yourself and wish yourself the best. If they were born now it is because it is the "Moment" where they can help us. Each new plant that appears, each mutation, new treatment, each new type of therapy created agrees to the evolutionary moment that we are living. That is why the Trembling Light Essences have been created to help us in our evolutionary moment, with the peculiarity that they are alive and evolve by themselves in unison and in the rhythm of the vertiginous current changes.

I do not know if there is any more reason, my experience says that they work in spite of oneself, perhaps this is another reason to take them: that although one does not believe in them and in their effectiveness, the essences will work beyond personal beliefs and internal resistance. Naturally, the freedom to take them or not is implicit.

 And the third reason is that if you are interested in the Trembling Light Essences and you are reading this, it is because there is something in your soul that wants you to test them.


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